Users, Subscriptions and Accounting Files

We built InvoiceSmash to be suitable for users who look after multiple accounting files/subscriptions.

This diagram shows the relationship between users, InvoiceSmash subscriptions and accounting files.


There is always a one to one relationship between an InvoiceSmash subscription and a file/subscription on Xero/Saasu/Myob. When InvoiceSmash connects via API we sync a bunch of data and set up the rules as you use the system. That data and rules can’t be applied to another accounting file/subscription (obviously) therefore we don’t allow subscriptions to “cross the streams”.

Users however, can access all their InvoiceSmash subscriptions using a single logon/pass. In the diagram, you can see that “Anne” has access to Company A and Company B. “Bob” on the other hand has access to Company B and Company C. The first person who creates the InvoiceSmash subscription is the Administrator of that subscription and they have the ability to invite other users to that subscription. They can also promote invited users to be Administrators of the subscription as well.

In this example Bob and Anne might work for the same accounting firm, but have responsibilities for different clients.

If a user of InvoiceSmash only has a single InvoiceSmash subscription, when they logon they proceed straight to the dashboard. If a user is a member of more than one subscription, when they logon they will be asked which subscription they wish to use for that session.

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