How does ‘Auto-submit for this supplier work’ ?

On the final approval screen for your invoices you might notice a little check box that looks like this…


It says “Auto-submit for this supplier”.

This is how it works. After you’ve processed a few files for a particular supplier the InvoiceSmash rules system has built up a history of your preferences.

1) The Contact resolves automatically.

2) Any missing due dates resolve automatically.

3) GL Accounts resolve automatically.

4) Items/Inventory resolve automatically.

After you’ve processed a few invoices there is nothing left for you to do except click the ‘Submit to Your Accounting System” button. But why do you even need to click that button?

Well the good news is you don’t.  If you check the Auto-Submit box what this means is “Go ahead InvoiceSmash submit any future invoices from this supplier automatically if you can. I’m comfortable that this is correct every single time”.

But the InvoiceSmash software is careful. The software checks that there isn’t already invoice with that number from that supplier in your accounting system. If we detect a duplicate no automatic submission can happen. Its up to you to decide to submit a duplicate or ignore it.

But if everything checks out ok, and you’ve granted the software permission, it will be automatically submitted on your behalf. Voila! Hands free supplier invoice processing.

It doesn’t get easier than that! Happy smashing!

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